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Captain Bill Carli has been boating in the waters of the San Juan Islands for over 22 years. He is an expert at finding whales for his guests. He is also very knowledgeable about all of the wildlife the San Juan Islands has to offer.Like many visitors who come to the San Juans for a vacation and end up staying here, he and his wife Christy both realized that this was going to become their home the very first time the ferry pulled into Friday Harbor. Twenty-three years later they are still here. The Island is their home, and they truly enjoy sharing its wonders with others.

For over ten years they owned and operated the Argyle House Bed & Breakfast. During that time they greeted over 20,000 B & B guests. They have since sold the B & B, but the same joy and enthusiasm of sharing this paradise carries over to their Whale Watching/Marine Eco-tourism excursions. Their customers sure seem to think so! Read their Guest Comments page.

Bill is also an accomplished author. He is the author of Sunset Run, and the Captain Mondo adventure/romance series. His first novel Sunset Run, published in 2006, has met with critical acclaim. The story is set initially in Europe and then the Pacific Northwest. It includes adventure, good vs. evil, kidnapping, and romance on the high seas.

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Parting Thoughts from Captain Bill

To truly experience the natural beauty of the San Juan Islands, you need to see them from the water. To experience the Orca whales you can’t go to Marine World, you need to see them in their native environment. I have been amazed at the curiosity that the Orcas have displayed to us, as we watched them. I can not help but feel that we are watching a creature as intelligent as we are, as curious as we are, and as fun loving as we try to be.

Best Wishes,
Captain Bill Carli

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Captain Carli Whale Watch Tours

www.carliwhalewatch.com | info@carliwhalewatch.comWhale Watching Tours Are Not Available From November 1st to March 30th Each Year

Interested in Sailing in the San Juan’s? Visit www.sanjuanclassicdaysailing.com

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