Fishing Tackle Boxes for Beginners

If you are new to fishing, there are few types of equipment you must take with you in your tackle box. Find a best fishing tackle box or tackle backpacks which will be able to store all the required items. You would want your fishing trip to be a success so that you enjoy it fully and love to return to the shore. Fishing is a very peaceful hobby that one can have. Here are things you should carry in your tackle box which everyone might forget to tell you about.
Extra Line
Sometimes fish can bite the line and tear it, or it can get caught on any log around, but it is very likely that during your fishing trip, the line might get tangled somewhere and you will need extra. It depends on the number of days you are going for fishing or what kind of fish you are planning to catch. If it’s the legendary monster fish, you would have to carry extra line which is also durable and heavy. If the lake is very neat, you must make sure that it is thin enough, so the fish doesn’t notice it.
Extra hooks
If you want to be able to catch any kind of fish, then fill your tackle box with many hooks. They should be in different sizes as well because heavy fish needs a bigger size hook and the small one requires the smaller. Search the market and find all kinds of hooks to store in your tackle tackle box
When the fish is around, it will bite, and the bobber will start to sink. This would suggest that you should get ready to catch it. There are different bobbers available in the market, and most people are familiar with round ones. They are easier to use as you need to clip them on the line. It might avoid you to cast your line deep enough and thus; there is another kind, slip bobber which you can slide on the line, keeping it either up or down. It might take more time to adjust it, but is often worth it because you get to cast your line in deep waters.
Sinker is to be attached on the fishing rig so that it adds the weight on your line to help it reach deep levels. They are usually made from the lead, but these days they are built from brass, tungsten, and steel. It is because lead is known to be harmful to the environment.
Small first aid kit
If you are fortunate enough, you won’t have any medical emergencies. But, to be on a safe side in the long trip, you must keep a first aid kit which has band-aid and Neosporin and medical tape which is waterproof.
Fishing Lures
To catch a fish, you have to attract it to something. There are several kinds of lures available in the market to attract different kinds of fish. Have a bunch of stock in your backpack, to have a successful fishing trip.

Basics and Techniques of Catching a Fish with Fish Finder

Improve your fishing hobby with the latest and amazing techniques of fish finder. More number of fishing companies are coming with advanced fishing equipment to give you extra features and added comfort in fishing. Companies like Captain Carli have amazing products to suit you fishing requirements. Captain carli always try to recommend the right company who can able to provide discounted price with

A fish finder helps you with communicate with fish by letting you know where they are located. Before you use a fish finder, it is essential to confirm if you know the basics of fishing and the techniques of using a fish finder.

Basics and Techniques of Catching a Fish with Fish Finder:

  1. Go through the manual:

One of the most important steps is to go through the manuals and understand the technical information related to using a fish finder. Every manual of a fish finder is interesting to read as it gives you good information on using the tool. Once you familiarize yourself with the manual, you will find fishing more confident.

  1. Setup your fish finder:

Once you know the manual well, start fixing your fish finder. Transom mount, hull mount, portable mount, or a trolling mount are some ways to install or mount your fish finder. Your manual will teach you how to do it. In, case of any confusion, refer to Captain Carli site for latest techniques to catch the fish with fish finder or call for an expert advice.

  1. Switch on your device:

Once the device is setup, it’s time to turn it on. You can customize the settings as per your requirement and the fishing conditions. It would be wise to switch to automatic mode for the first few minutes and go through the river or bay that you wish to begin fishing. Keep an eye on the display screen to check for any movements inside the water. The experience of fishing takes time, so you need to be patient.fishfinder

  1. Experience the different features:

Go through other important features and options such as the sensitivity setting. This option allows you to adjust the power of fish finder. Ideally, the lower the sensitivity of your fish finder, the better view you will enjoy on your display screen. Keep he sensitivity between 75 to 100%.

  1. Turn off the unwanted options:

This will come with experience. Some options like the fishing id are switched on for beginners. Once you have the experience and feel of fishing technique, you may turn it off. Switching to the manual mode rather automatic helps you to become a pro in fishing and the display gives you accurate data based on your location.

  1. Look for other settings:

Some more features on fish finder include depth cursor, suppressor setting, and auto-depth. The suppressor setting as its name helps you to prevent the background noise and other sounds while locating the fish. However, most fishermen don’t use this option as it’s unnecessary and eats up the battery.

To get a detailed version of reviews of top fishfinder techniques, refer to Captain Carli rates. We wish you happy fishing with your new fish finder.

Importance of Having Jump Starter in Your Boat

If you are looking for a jump starter, it is essential that you know the importance of having jump starter in your boat. Before you buy it, check for all the tips that you need to know. Think of all the consequences that you need to bear if you go for cheap battery operated jump starters.
You need to be aware of which battery and jump starter you are going for.Batteries like Weego Jump Starter Battery comes in a compact and portable starter design with a long lasting capacity to help you prevent any fears of the dead battery.

The importance of Having Jump Starter in Your Boat:

Let us call it an importance of having a branded jump starter in your boat.A branded jump starter eliminates all your worries of harsh weather conditions, dead battery, recharge battery, etc. Weego batteries jump starters also come in a pocket sized sizes to carry with comfort and use it in the boat.naco jump starter for marine battery
If you own a boat, you really need to carry all the important stuff including a portable jump starter. Imagine you are in the middle of the fishing spot; you try to start your boat, but nothing happens. We can relate to your situation and the state of shock that you would be in. Preparing yourself with the best things is always the wise thing to do.

Certain smart ways to buy a good jump starter for your Marine Boat:

• When you go to buy a jump starter, try to inspect the engine when it has little charge left. It helps to confirm if your starter will stay for long in the boat even when it is about to drain.
• Try to go for a professional marine battery jump starter for your boat even if you own a small boat. Some jump starter kits come with an all-in-one power supply to give you a perfect and convenient journey.
• Most of the jump starter today come tested by the companies. So ensure, that it has the tag of tested when you buy these from the store.Try to fit it in your boat to know if it is compact enough to be kept even in a smaller space.
• As an alternative, you can even think of buying a Stanley battery jump starter. These come with a polarity alarm for safety. They also have a handle attached for you to carry it anywhere you go.and make sure your jump starter not harm marine switch panel system on your boat.
• The benefit of compact jump starters in the boat is that you can easily move it from one place to another and shift it from one boat to another for re-charging.Find out more information on the web and choose the best deal.

How Captain Carli protect His boat switch panel during fishing

Marine switch panels
These switch panels are built up of high impact UV-stabilized plastic. Contains water resistant fuse holders. To ensure that it’s totally waterproof and watertight, there are usually added seals.
The carelessness towards electric panels and faulty electricity connections are the major reasons for the most severe life and property losses. To ensure proper electricity flow, one must first ensure the complete safety of one’s switch panels. Nowadays boat switch panels are available that has made our life in water much carefree and easy by providing water resistant fuses for electricity flow. But the utmost safety of these boat switch panels also must be ensured.
In today’s discussion, Captain carli uncover certain basic yet uncommon ways of protecting our Boat switch panels to ensure our safety.

Some Easy Steps Captain Carli Protecting marine switch panels

The basic care that one must employ towards these marine switch panels is keeping them away from all kinds of oils, dust and fuming fuels or vapors, or any source of dripping water and moisture. Needless to say that these switches must be located away from windows since there are high chances of water getting splashed on these switches and ruining them.boat switch panel
Also, make sure that there is sufficient space around panels to operate them, and no parts of the panel should be exposed.
Another way is to opt for splash proof and water resistant marine panels having anti-corrosion and overload protection features.
Many larger boats have two-way power system; AC and DC. One may be aware of the efficient use of these systems, but it does require a course of basic understandings to ensure a longer life for your marine switch panels. Some points to remember can be; while shifting from shore to generator, remember to shut off these systems first or else it could increase the chances of a short circuit. Another thing to follow is not switching too many loads at the same time as AC power comes from shore when on the dock and from the generator when the boat is in water, both of which includes a limited capacity of amp loads.
Apparently, the most dangerous part about these electrical switches is that their wiring is invisible. You would only know through results that something is going correct or wrong. So to be able to do certain troubleshooting while on board, it is important to understand your marine DC basics.
Apart from taking care of AC and DC, one also has to learn that modern electronics work on smoke, so if smoke escapes from any piece of marine switch panel, it is an indicator that it is about to stop. And to save this, never try to cut and shorten GPS antenna cables or marine network cables. Always save wires and wiring bundles from getting scratches and scraping or else it could increase the chances of a short circuit. An inappropriately sized fuse can also enhance the chances of the accident, and even that should be placed vigilantly.
If any of these caring tips seems too tough or complex, one could always hire a Boat electrician to serve the needful.

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I will respond normally the same day to confirm or to reschedule if needed.awesome boat for fishing

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Whale Watching Tours Are Not Available From November 1st to March 30th Each Year

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About Captain Carli

Captain Bill Carli

whale rightCaptain Bill Carliwhale left
Captain Bill Carli has been boating in the waters of the San Juan Islands for over 22 years. He is an expert at finding whales for his guests. He is also very knowledgeable about all of the wildlife the San Juan Islands has to offer.Like many visitors who come to the San Juans for a vacation and end up staying here, he and his wife Christy both realized that this was going to become their home the very first time the ferry pulled into Friday Harbor. Twenty-three years later they are still here. The Island is their home, and they truly enjoy sharing its wonders with others.

For over ten years they owned and operated the Argyle House Bed & Breakfast. During that time they greeted over 20,000 B & B guests. They have since sold the B & B, but the same joy and enthusiasm of sharing this paradise carries over to their Whale Watching/Marine Eco-tourism excursions. Their customers sure seem to think so! Read their Guest Comments page.

Bill is also an accomplished author. He is the author of Sunset Run, and the Captain Mondo adventure/romance series. His first novel Sunset Run, published in 2006, has met with critical acclaim. The story is set initially in Europe and then the Pacific Northwest. It includes adventure, good vs. evil, kidnapping, and romance on the high seas.

Sunset Run   Stone-Totem-Cover

Parting Thoughts from Captain Bill

To truly experience the natural beauty of the San Juan Islands, you need to see them from the water. To experience the Orca whales you can’t go to Marine World, you need to see them in their native environment. I have been amazed at the curiosity that the Orcas have displayed to us, as we watched them. I can not help but feel that we are watching a creature as intelligent as we are, as curious as we are, and as fun loving as we try to be.

Best Wishes,
Captain Bill Carli

Whale and Salmon
Captain Carli Whale Watch Tours | info@carliwhalewatch.comWhale Watching Tours Are Not Available From November 1st to March 30th Each Year

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Tour info:
Captain Carli’s tours depart daily from the Port of Friday Harbor.Our trips last on average three to four hours.

For your comfort we have a six guest limit per trip. No smoking or alcoholic beverages allowed.

$74per person (plus tax);
$64 children under 12 (plus tax)

Departure time:
Daily, 11 am ( please arrive 15 minutes prior to departure )
Afternoon and evening trips by request

Departs: Port of Friday Harbor, Spring Street Landing, ( located 100 yards from Washington State Ferry and under Downriggers Resturant. Soulmate is located on the right hand side of the floating dock. with our sign in front).

Credit Card Info: VISA/Master Card and Cash payment accepted on the boat. No credit cards will be charged until the day of tour.

Refund and Cancellation Policy: Refunds are available with three days notice if you need to cancel. Cancellations with less than three days’ notice are charged 50%. A 100% charge will be made for same day cancellations and no-shows.
There are days during the season when the whales will be out of range and we will not be able to see them.

What do we do then? Well…

Viewing the Orca Whales is the main reason people go out with me and I do everything that I can to find them and allow each of my guests to have a great whale watching experience. I (as well as most whale watch companies) belong to a spotting network out of British Columbia that tracks the whales and tell us where they are by cell phone and pager. If the whales are close we will find them. If they are not, then we simply look at all the other beauties of nature and enjoy the wildlife that lives here and the beauty of the San Juan Islands.

Captain Carli Whale Watch Tours | info@carliwhalewatch.comWhale Watching Tours Are Not Available From November 1st to March 30th Each Year

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